Call to honor Colbert Mukwevho gains momentum

Date:17 February 2017 - By: Elmon Tshikhudo

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Following our report three weeks ago where a local traditional leader, Chief Ntikedzeni Muraga Mphaphuli, called on institutions and structures to honour legendary reggae icon Colbert Mukwevho, the social media and many individuals have come aboard and are in full support of the chief.

Chief Ntikedzeni Muraga Mphaphuli of Muraga, one of Mukwevho’s biggest supporters, recently attended Mukwevho’s open-air show at Ha-Tshisele and said he had asked himself over the years as to why Mukwevho was overlooked when it came to being honoured. “This man has done so much for the country locally and internationally when it comes to the arts,” Muraga said.

According to the chief, Mukwevho remains humble and is accessible to all his fans although he is extremely popular. “We have seen other less capable artists being honoured, while he has been overlooked. We really wonder what the criteria for honouring one of ours should be.”

Chief Muraga said that institutions of higher learning and the government had honoured many from outside the area, “while Mukwevho is just around here.”

Since our initial report, this newspaper’s offices have been flooded with calls from fans who wanted to know what steps they could follow to see to it that their icon was honoured in his lifetime. Calls for his honour have since gained great momentum and some have even indicated that they would no longer wait for any institutions to honour him as they were deliberately ignoring him but started addressing him as Dr Colbert Mukwevho.

Well-known musician Hangwe Netshifhefhe, or Ngerezah of the group Cornerstone, is one of the leading voices, saying Mukwevho’s honour is long overdue. “For a long time now, we have been calling for the forces that be to consider honouring him while he is still alive. Mukwevho has been around for a long time and has proven himself that he is one of the best. He performed and recorded with the best,” Ngerezah said.

According to him, there are many “who arrived just yesterday in the music arena” who have been honoured already. “We wonder what needs to be done for him to be honoured.”

Some comments on Facebook are:

Muswa Hs Majesty Wa Lukau: Can't we have an account for public donation? We don't mind to uplift this great legend to the highest. If his supporters in the whole RSA contribute a minimum of R10 we can break the record. He builds so many families, consoled many broken hearts, encouraged many, predicted many events.

Kedebone Selowa: The Chief is correct, Vhakwevho indeed need to be honoured while still alive. He has put the entire Venda on the map and through his music.

Tshi Mphaphuli: The Chief is spot on. Harley must be honoured. He is the heartbeat of Venda through his music.

Vhadinda Printing: Perhaps we should form a committee to formally drive this and seek answers why it is not happening.

Mzamane Baloyi:  Can't we have a bank account for all Limpopo legends, irrespective of tribe and contribute on monthly basis?

Kgopana Craig Moses: We just need to buy his music. He is a doctor by birth!

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Ngerezah of the group Cornerstone.

Colbert Mukwevho.


Colbert Mukwevho.


By: Elmon Tshikhudo

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