Mazwale's music career celebration at Masana

Date:01 December 2017 - By: Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

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An award-winning singer, Mazwale, will celebrate her music career with a superb line-up of fellow artists and fans at Masana Resort in Tshikuwi, Nzhelele, on 2 December.

This young singer with the velvety voice celebrated a milestone in her music career when she scooped up two music prizes from the South African Traditional Music Awards and the Tshivenda Music Awards in one weekend last month.

“The celebration promises to be a great event in that both young and old will be celebrating my awards and music in one place,” she said. “There's nothing more important than having your people acknowledging and celebrating your talent while you are still alive. I feel really honoured and thankful for all individuals who continue to buy entry tickets because it is also in this way that they get to show me how much they appreciate my music.”

She will also launch her fourth album, entitled U Si Vhone Bere U Khanya.

Mazwale started singing as a little girl in the primary school's choir and she was later appointed lead vocalist in the local church.

The line-up of supporting artists includes, among others, Mahampe (from Botswana), Ramzeey, Gazlam and Rhumba Boys, Tshigombodza, Fizzy, Shufflers, Meskay, BlackJahman, Shony Mrepa, Humbulani Ramagwedzha, Ras Mulweli, Ishmael Mudau, JahLady Dorris, Mogoe Slender Boy, Bra Deevo, Prifix, Kashflow, Cornerstone and Geenkon. Prominent masters of ceremonies Mbalavhali D and Jonas Netshipise will also keep fans on their toes with their jokes.

Mazwale's manager and promoter, Merriam Thinadzanga, said: “We saw it fit that we celebrate this young singer's achievement after she won two awards. She won a 2017 TSHIMA's Best Tshivenda Young and Limitless Artist award and two SATMAs Best Tshivenda Awards for 2016 and 2017. This young, limitless talent deserves more celebration.”

The entry fee is R50 for adults, R30 for children and a VIP ticket will cost R70.

Ja Lady Dorris.



Mazwale celebrates her music career with the release of her fourth album. Photo supplied.

Ras Mulweli.

Ishmael Mudau.


Mazwale celebrates her music career with the release of her fourth album. Photo supplied.


By: Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

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