Tshivenda Film Awards on the cards!

Date:04 December 2017 - By: Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

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In a district where little is done for the recognition of indigenous film makers and their craft, the emergence of the Tshivenda Film Awards brings a breath of fresh air.

A prolific Tshivenda film producer, Tshidino Ndou, and awards organiser Thivhulawi Mabada are set to establish the first Tshivenda Film Awards (TSHIFA).

Mabada said the awards will be hosted annually in an effort to recognise loal film makers and actors. “We want to encourage the development of new talent within the Tshivenda film industry,” he said. “Our initial plan was to host the awards this year, but due to a lack of funding, we had to postpone them to next year.”

The awards' chairperson, Tshidino, said the awards would be hosted next year, with or without funding. “I have put aside R50 000 for sponsoring these awards,” he said. “I can assure the public that the ceremony will take place with or without major funding, because the aim is not to make profit.”

Prizes for all the categories will be announced after consultations with all the stakeholders.

The TSHIFA will serve to honour, celebrate and promote creative excellence. “We want to acknowledge the efforts of Venda film producers and actors for developing and preserving our home language,” Tshidino said.

Mabada said results and the judges’ decisions would be made transparent. Entry applications and guideline will be made available when the organising committee has finalised the whole process. Nominees will battle it out in the following 15 categories:

Best leading Tshivenda film actor award; Best supporting film actor award; Best Tshivenda film actress award; Best supporting actress award; Best Tshivenda film award; Best Tshivenda film producer award; Best Tshivenda film director award; Best Tshivenda scriptwriter award; Best upcoming film actor award; Best upcoming film actress; Best Tshivenda edited film award; Best photographer award; Best costume designer award; Best makeup artist award, and a special award.

The TSHIFA organisers invite all interested companies and businesspeople to contact them to arrange or discuss the possibility of partnering with them. For all inquiries, Mabada can be reached on 076 024 6570 or 082 542 4041.


Messrs Tshidino Ndou and Thivhulawi Mabada. Photo supplied.


By: Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

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