Newie's new album is out

Date:02 June 2018 - By: Mbulaheni Ridovhona

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Local gospel singer Newie launched her third album, Chapter III- U Mudzimu E Ethe, at Spirit Ambassadors Tshirenzheni last Sunday.

Newie says the album has 12 songs and U Mudzimu E Ethe, Ntsikele Mbilu Yo Tambaho and A Fulufhedzeaho Ndi Yehova are some of the popular songs. "U E Ethe is a song which God revealed to me during a sermon while Apostle Radzilani was preaching. It is a song which declares that indeed there is no other God, but Him alone. It is based on Zechariah 14:9," Newie adds.

Newie says the album is all about worshipping God and putting God where He belongs, on his throne. The fans can get the album on iTunes, Google play, Amazon or inbox Newie on her Facebook page.

Newie was born and raised in Vleifontein. Her passion for gospel music began when she was still young. "Singing is something that I have been doing all my life from an early age while I was still at a Sunday school at the Vleifontein Venda Branch of the Apostolic Faith Mission Assembly,” she says.

In 2016, Newie released Chapter I - For Your Love and Chapter II - Ngangoho Vha Murena in 2017. Newie's real name is Ronewa Nthabalala.

Newie is promising the fans to expect the next album in August this year. Newie also thanked the fans for buying her music. "I thank Apostle Dr Radzilani and Pastor Radzilani for grooming me and teaching me to remain grounded in the Word of God," says Newie.


Newie. Photo supplied .


By: Mbulaheni Ridovhona

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