A new dawn for the evergreen Adziambei Band

Date:08 July 2018 - By: Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

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A new dawn of good tidings has arrived for the evergreen legendary musical group, Adziambei Band, after Niproductions Recordings signed them for the stable's books a fortnight ago.

The multi-award-winning group was signed under the music promotions stable's digital music distribution department, so that their music's distribution is fully monitored and calculated in terms of benefits in a worldwide distribution deal.

“There's a realistic shift from hardcopy disks to digital format media where people seem to prefer playing and listening to music online or other portable gadgets than only owning a CD,” Nipro said. “So, it is high time that we introduce the work of our artists to the people in the digital format. Some people would even rather prefer buying music online than driving to the music store at a distance. So, we needed to cater for them as well.”

He added that the main aim was to try to sell the music online in a way that would benefit the artists. “You will remember that groups like Adziambei Band are a must-have in your music collections. What if you are outside the country or overseas, for that matter, and you are seriously thirsty for their music – do you have to come back home to buy a CD? No, it shouldn't be like that; technology is here to bridge the gap or distance.”

Adziambei Band is a traditional Tshivenda music group founded in 1982 by Elias Maele Sirwali at the rural mountainous Guyuni village outside Mutale. He was later joined by his older brother, Tshivhangwaho Raedani, Johannes Kwinda and Sarah Masindi. “They released their first album, Midzimu ya Madimoni, in 1983 and remained popular into the 1990s before disbanding,” Nipro said. “They reunited in 2012 for the release of a new album, Shango lo Takala, which was followed by Mutula Gole (2013).”

Sadly, Raedani passed away in 2013. However, the group found solace in the music that they had played together with him, and went on to release yet another album recently, Shango lo ima nga thoho.

“They won the Song of the Year award at the Tshivenda Music Awards 2012,” Nipro said. “It is still arguably everyone’s favourite song even today among many other hits they have made over the past 35 years. We are looking forward to a healthy working relationship with this legendary band.”

The other artists from Vhembe district who are signed to Niproductions Recordings for a similar deal for their music to be distributed digitally worldwide include Colbert Mukwevho, Khakhathi & Friends, Mercy Masakona, Bishop Roxley Masevhe, Naphy M and Naledzani Netshirembe.


Nipro of Niproductions Recordings.


Adziambei Band is a traditional Tshivenda music group that has stood the test of time.


By: Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

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