Hip hop artist Laser surprises with new CD

Date:11 January 2019 - By: Silas Nduvheni

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A talented rising hip hop artist, Maano Nefale, better known as Laser, has just released a new CD, Shine on.

Nefale (21) was born and bred  in 1997 in Duthuni village. He said he got his stage name, Laser, from the types of printers back while he was in Grade 6 at the Nazarene School of Natural Sciences in Thohoyandou P West.

His new CD has eight tracks, such as Cyril Ramaphosa, Easy featuring Racha Kill, Feels, featuring flomatic, and Shine on, featuring TP.

“I started writing songs in Grade 6 with Ndivhuwo Masiagwala and Ravele Marubini in 2008."

Laser said that there used to be rap battles in class with the likes of Glen Mafhuwa, Makondelela Unandavha, Sandi and Sibusiso Nthangeni and Mmbude Rotondwa from Muledane. That was where Mmbude Rotondwa noticed Laser and called him for a recording session at his studio, that was called Nature boys production. In the very same year, he released his first hit single, Ri Vha Venda alongside Nature boys’ group.

In the song Cyril Ramaphosa, Laser said he was showing appreciation for the president of the country.

He matriculated in 2015 at Thohoyandou Technical High School and later went to Kathu, Campus, a TVT College based in the Northern Cape.

All songs are composed by Laser, produced by Ranxbea, Edge Beats and Sean YC Roosevelt and it was recorded at Master Media Recording Company based in Duthuni village.

For live performances, Laser can be phoned at 079 4050 547.



Laser, photographed with his new CD, Shine on.


By: Silas Nduvheni