Jah Lady Dorris sings songs of life

Date:16 February 2019 - By: Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

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A few years ago, a gospel artist made the transition from one genre to another, and this made a difference for her and her music career.

Even her fans have been sending her messages of support, appreciation and gratitude for the good reggae music that she is now singing. Just a fortnight, Jah Lady Dorris released her single, entitled Vhutshilo. It comprises four tracks: Mpfareleni, No mmbaisa, Vha Ha-Davhana, and Vhutshilo.

“This album rings with maturity in lyrics, style and instruments for me as an artist who has been in the industry,” she said. “Most people who happen to listen to this album will think that it speaks about me but now it is only songs on life.”

The title track refers to the fact that when one is at a good and top societal level, one must not look down on those who are less fortunate because they might find themselves in a similar situation at some later stage. “In life, what goes around, comes around – do not despise other people,” she said. “We need to respect one another and then we will live in a peaceful world.”

Vhutshilo was produced by talented and celebrated local engineer Hani Mutele at Hinote Recording Studio. “Vho Mutele is an excellent producer to work with, and he has understood my voice and given me good sounds that correlate well with my voice and style,” she said.

Jah Lady Dorris's previous albums include Kha vha humele kamarani yavho, Holy Holy, Ndi lilela vhananga, Shudufhadza, Murena he vha vula, and Baxolele Nkosi.

She is a previous nominee in the Tshivenda Music Award in the best reggae artist category (2018), and the South African Traditional Music Awards' best reggae artist category (2016). She hopes to win some awards in the near future as she believes she is destined for greater achievements.

Jah Lady Dorris' single is available at R50 directly from the singer and other good music stores. She is on Facebook and can be phoned on 076 127 0323.


Jah Lady Dorris. Photo supplied.


By: Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

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