Maano Ramadwa publishes leadership book

Date:15 June 2019 - By: Mbulaheni Ridovhona

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A local inspirational speaker and life coach, Mr Maano Ramadwa, has published his fourth book, Resuscitation leadership.

"At a time like this when our country is yearning for leadership, this book could not have come at a better time. With many of our entities, organizations and schools suffering from the leadership vacuum, this book brings in something worth looking at as it contains a blueprint of how organizations can be turned around. The 5 Rs of resuscitation that I speak about are: review, respond, relate, recognize and reform," Ramadwa said.

According to him, the concept of leadership is one that must be handled with intent. "Our country has gone for a long time without producing credible, exemplary and inspiring leaders to take the baton from the tried and tested that the country has produced. Everybody has an obligation to use what they have to model leadership," Ramadwa said. 

The former principal of Blue Eagle High School in Cosmo City said that he described resuscitation leadership as the cyclical source of transition between the various stages of the development of a company, school or organization led by a quality, influential, and transformational individual. 

In this book, he seeks to share his expertise with leaders and aspiring leaders as he plays his part in helping to shape the country’s leadership, current and future, through this new concept.

This book, which has 11 chapters, addresses various issues of leadership. In chapter two of the book, Ramadwa discusses the qualities of a resuscitation leader and amongst them he speaks about competence, vision, boldness, and sensitivity. "Chapter 4 goes deeper when I speak about the principles that guide the resuscitation leaders. Chapter 7 touches on the 5 senses of leadership, which are described as the sense of sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste. There are other chapters that address issues of performance and conflict resolution and management," Ramadwa said. 

Ramadwa is a resident of Muduluni in Ha-Kutama. He is no stranger to leadership as he cut his leadership teeth when he became the SRC president of the former Makhado College of Education in 1995. He proceeded to demonstrate leadership in the schools where he led as head of department, deputy principal and principal during his teaching career.

“This book is a manual for leadership that seeks to turn schools or any organisations around. I have packaged the entire chapter to explain the resuscitation leadership model, which is a training model that we use when training schools that are struggling," he said. 

This book can be ordered directly from him on 079 826 9403 or 081 781 8529 or by email on



Mr Maano Ramadwa. Photo supplied.


By: Mbulaheni Ridovhona

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