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Date: 04 May 2017   Read: 12803

I am writing this en route to OR Tambo after a tourist excursion around Vivo. I can make two comments.

The first is that the area is one of the world's best in terms of natural beauty, climate, people and wildlife. It has enormous potential as a tourist destination and even direct investment.

The second point is, however, a warning. The area is dirty from litter. Litter is everywhere: from the residential areas to the roads to the private parks. Apart from the ecological disaster this spells to this very sensitive habitat, it also leaves a negative impression of the people. No care and no responsibility are attitudes that chase away investors as much as tolerance for understanding.

People must portray that they are willing and able to improve their habitat before any support will be effective. I also doubt that this is matter of education. Please inherently know that litter is wrong. Maybe the local governments can at least provide bins and warnings with fines to change the tide, but ultimately it is a matter of self-pride. Poor does not equal dirty. 

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