"Government will allow CoAL to mine"

Date: 08 June 2017   Read: 16767

David Stephenson wrote the following regarding Coal of Africa Limited (CoAL):

I read your article ‘Lifted suspension does not give CoAL green light’ with interest.

However, once again the article seemed biased against the mining of Makhado which isn’t too surprising given that the Vhembe Mineral Resources Forum (VMRF) have opposed and appealed against everything CoAL is doing.

VMRF’s objective appears to make South Africa an economic backwater, making it uninvestable both to domestic and foreigner investors alike. I can only assume VMRF contacted Zoutnet to further their cause.

Like it or not, the government will allow CoAL to mine Makhado, that’s a fact. It would be beneficial for stakeholders to work with CoAL, instead of trying to hinder their progress. I fail to understand why you give them the mouthpiece to pursue their objectives?

Thank you for your letter Mr Stephenson. I would like to assure you that the Zoutnet group of newspapers is not a mouthpiece for any institution, nor were we contacted by the Vhembe Mineral Resources Forum “to further their cause” as you state. We believe in giving everyone a voice, even if someone might not agree with what that voice is saying. As for CoAL's mining activities in the Soutpansberg, it remains an ongoing process and an issue of great public interest. We would surely be lacking in our duty if we do not report on the process. – Editor




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