“It is plain robbery to charge these amounts”

Date: 28 September 2017   Read: 23368

Anonymous from Louis Trichardt writes:

I know I am not alone in my frustration with the Makhado Municipality’s electricity billing - or rather non-billing!  

We go without bills for months, then SMSes and MMSes pop in now and again, then a paper bill might arrive, it is all so chaotic!  Yet, their officials arrive at the drop of a hat to switch you off for non-payment!

I have just queried an amount recorded as ‘Adjustments’ on the electricity account of our business in town. I was told it is for late payment. When I pointed out to the lady handling my call that we never receive accounts, so it is difficult to know what to pay and when, she said that she did get my point but that was that! The amount charged was R269,60 on a total bill outstanding of R849.68!

Why do we put up with this? Please will someone from the municipality explain this chaos? It is plain robbery to charge approximately 32% late payment charge when the municipality is incapable of sending out accounts.



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