Municipality prefers violence to peace

Date: 15 November 2018   Read: 31099

Concerned Resident, Waterval, writes

I’m writing this letter as a concerned resident.

The Waterval-Elim residents are taken for a ride by the powers-that-be. It seems as if we are not worth being informed of what goes on around us. We are kept in darkness. For us, service delivery is a luxury, not a necessity.

People live like camels that drink water occasionally. The day water pays us a visit those in low-lying areas will over-irrigate their lawns to the detriment of those in high areas. There is absolutely no control whatsoever.

Dogs roam the streets and scavenge on uncollected refuse bags and dustbins, lining the streets for days on end.

Cattle from the neighbouring Mpheni village have made the township their grazing land.  They vandalize and destroy residents’ vegetable and flower gardens overnight. This is what we have to live with. The bells around their necks ring throughout the night like church bells summoning congregants to a church service.

The community hall is dysfunctional with no lights after sunset. Some residents formed a concerned group, but they don’t receive any blessing or support from those in authority. Ours is a lonely voice in the wilderness.

We therefore plead to be informed of all the activities around us by those responsible as the day we say enough is enough you are going to cry foul. Away with the excuses and the blaming game!



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