Authorities not very honest about illegal posters

Date: 31 January 2019   Read: 33905

Mr Frans van der Merwe of Louis Trichardt, writes:

Sadly, it is not true or altogether honest of the authorities to create the impression that it is very difficult to take action against the real people responsible for the large-scale damaging and even destruction of public property by the plastering of abortion poster all over town. Most of these posters are in any case also illegal.

The real culprits are not the ignorant youngsters desperate for the few cents paid to them to do the dirty work. (Some of them cannot even read the posters they paste). Those who are responsible have the audacity to print their phone numbers (but not their legal status) on the papers.

The authorities have the ability to trace such criminals and to have them sued in court in a way that will make it difficult to carry on with this totally unacceptable action.

By the way, your newspaper published a picture some years ago about a police and municipal spokesperson making a statement about how they were going to act against this scourge...)



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