Concerned about shutting down of Tshakhuma market

Date: 02 April 2020   Read: 33596

Tshidino Ndou, a Tshakhuma resident, writes:

I commend President Vho-Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa for swift action in implementing a 21-day lockdown to control the spread of the coronavirus in South Africa.

However, I am concerned about shutting down the Tshakhuma Community Fruit Market without compensation. Experts advised to eat fruit, therefore the Tshakhuma Market is also rendering an essential service, just like supermarkets that are selling the same fruits.

The only difference between Tshakhuma Community Fruit Market and supermarkets is that Tshakhuma Fruit Market doesn’t sell maize meal, rice and meat. The Covid-19 lockdown forced these women to stop trading without any alternative means of income and I’m worried they won’t be able to put food on the table for their families and children for 21 days. These women are not able to afford insurance, unlike supermarkets.

All we ask is for compensation of these women if the market cannot be opened for trading during the lockdown. Gloves and masks can be provided for the safety of the traders.

I call on the Presidency to address this matter urgently.






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