Tshivenda porn king Zwoluga Madega. "There is a big demand for the movie from the fans. What we are going to do will be for the interest of the community."

Anger meets Bush Pie 3


The much-publicised first ever launch of the Tshivenda porn movie Bush Pie 3 has been red-carded and all indications are that it will not be launched at all.

Immediately after news of the launch spread, community structures, community leaders, traditional leaders and other stakeholders came out in condemnation of the planned launch

Rumours abounded and it was also believed that the producer of the movie and king of Tshivenda porn, Zwoluga Madega, who had taken the movie world by storm and become a celebrity overnight, is in hiding amid threats and attacks from all quarters. Madega, of Hanzam’s TV Movies, who was to launch his Tshivenda porn movie, Bush Pie 3, on Youth Day at the Thohoyandou Indoor Sports Centre, is currently nowhere to be found.

This paper tried on several occasions to trace him and had several appointments with him, which did not materialize. Every time we phone Madega, his phone is answered by his wife, who says that he is busy somewhere and that he left the phone with her. She keeps on saying that he will come back, which he does not do.

The launch of the movie was also condemned by senior traditional leaders in Vhembe, who saw it as a snub and an undermining of the Venda culture. One of Venda's outspoken traditional leaders, Chief Luvhaivhai Avhatakali Tshivhase of the Tshivhase Royal Council, said it was derogatory to the culture of the Vhavenda.

"This guy has gone too far! As custodians of the Vhavenda culture, tradition, language, customs and values, we feel this type of movie is insulting and disrespectful to the Vhavenda nation and us as traditional leaders. The Vhavenda attire or minwenda is an identity and symbol of the Vhavenda nation. Anyone who uses it for obscene purposes should just know that he is not only inviting the wrath of the community, but also the ancestors,” said Chief Tshivhase. "It is also against the law to show such movies and we expect the police to act accordingly and arrest this man for transgressing the law," he said.

He emphasised that Madega must stop using Youth Day “to advance his goals which, in a way, reverse all the gains and struggles the youth made since 1976. He must remember we fought with many people, businesses, stakeholders and departments for mispresenting our attire and language. As custodians, we shall fight to protect our culture and tradition. We appeal to our youth, communities, civic structures, churches, police and traditional leaders to stand and fight against this evil spirit and protect our youth," said Tshivhase.

Commenting on behalf of Thulamela Municipality, which is alleged to have given Madega the venue to stage his show, spokesperson Ndwamato Tshiila vehemently denied giving the venue for such a purpose. “We are against everything that is anti-development and insulting to the people. We cannot allow our infrastructure for such purposes. What are our children and the community going to learn from this movie? The venue is booked for other purposes on that day and not for the launch of the porn movie," said Tshiila.

He said the municipality upheld all morals and respected the culture of all the inhabitants of Thulamela.

Shortly before our going to press, Madega called this paper to say that “the rumour was an attempt to tarnish my good name. I have nothing to fear and to hide. I am playing an open casino with no strings attached. I have permission to launch it at the said venue, but that would be after a legal opinion from my lawyers. There had been an outcry from the community and we have to respect the wishes of the people. There is also a big demand for the movie from the fans. We will sober up after the storm and see what to do next, but it would be for the interest of the community," he said.



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  • Avatar
    Khethani 4 years ago

    @demon hunter

    Just like i said, there are many people out there who hide behind something, one way or another, just like you "Coward". How about you share your numbers and location so that we can meet and tell me about my mom and sisters in face, and stop using wrong names as a decoys....

    Give me your mother , sisters and GF/Wife these numbers for the Auditions of  Mabunyu vol 1,  061 451 9752.
    You are also welcomed to audition for the 2 gay characters needed as well

  • Avatar
    RUDZANI JOYCE 4 years ago

    This Madega guy  really need serious help, how could he even think about launching his porn movie on the 16 june(youth day) i wonder if he does have children?

  • Avatar
    demon hunter 4 years ago

    @khethani, if you want porn go and shoot one with your mother and sisters i am sure they wont mind. this Madega guy must got to hell, that nonsense will not happen on the 16th of June i will make sure.

  • Avatar
    Ratombo FE 4 years ago

    Hezwi ndi nyoso, muthu anong madega ufanelwa ngau fhiswa nga mulilo,

  • Avatar
    Khethani 4 years ago

    I bet everyone who is critcising this movie would one way or another watch it with interest if it was to be released either way. So, my message is that there are so many hypocrits out there who hide bedind churches, but do evil things out there.

    At least this guy is not hiding his work. Porn is no longer taboo in SA, we've had many SA materials released before legimately, the likes of Mapona Vol 1 - 3, Dibonong , Sondeza, Month end , Cnr Lerete and Golo , Mampatile , Big Guns Bigger shells etc...

    Maybe this might be a chance for us to shine and give exposure to our already existing movie industry, Vendahood...

  • Avatar
    Ndivhuwo Mukhethoni 4 years ago

    Tshivenda porn king Zwoluga Mudega "Mr Mudega , do you really feel proud to carry such a title , king of porn . Sho!! . Venda is known for good moral but Mr Mudega you are becoming a disgrace. To all Christians lets pray against this actions so that Mr Mudega must know God and repent.

  • Avatar
    Maanda Godzwana 4 years ago

    Ndi matudzi. What a wake-up call for Christians to pray. Satan is attacking what is called a South Africa's God's nest. He is doomed to fail. As for  our brother Zwoluga, A zwo ngo luga, repent, don't be satan"s agent.

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    he really is serious with his stuff.somebody must open a civil case against him...


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