Khotsimunene Vho-David (Japan) Mphephu Ramabulana (left) inaugurates the new headman in Tshikuwi village, headman Khathutshelo "Phiri-Phiri" Ramalamula (right).

Headman “Phiri Phiri” to reign in Tshikuwi


A period of at least two years without a community leader came to a end in Tshikuwi village at Nzhelele last Friday when a new headman was inaugurated. Headman Khathutshelo “Phiri Phiri” Ramalamula is now at the helm of this community.

The new headman thanked all the people who had influenced him and encouraged him to take his father's position, as well as the Mphephu Royal Council for trusting him to lead. He was installed in the presence of other traditional leaders, councillors, community members, businesspeople and other stakeholders.

Headman Ramalamula promised to follow in the footsteps of his father, who passed away in 2011. When Mr Mukhathoni Ramalamula died, he left a huge void in the village. “My father was a person who abided by the rules and he led his community peacefully. He was the custodian of the traditions in our community and very respectful,” he said. He added that he would follow his father's legacy of ruling the community peacefully. “I will follow in his footsteps and lead by example to ensure peace and cooperation in the community,” he added.

Khotsimunene Vho-Japan Mphephu Ramabulana said any community without a leader was likely to be ungovernable and uncooperative. He said the king of the vhaVenda, Vho-Thovhele Khosikhulu Toni Mphephu Ramabulana, wanted all his communities to have a leader who would be his eyes and ears. “We are very grateful that we have installed a new leader today. Community members will now have a place to report their community's matters,” he said.

The headman was given the name “Phiri-Phiri” by the king of Venda. “Hence I am here today; I have been delegated by Khosikhulu to mark the new reign under a new leader in this community,” he added.

The local ward councillor, Cllr Mbulaheni Magada, said he was grateful that the new leader was finally inaugurated. “We had a challenge as council. We did not know whom to consult when addressing issues of service in the community, but now everything will be fine and we will cooperate with him to ensure there is service,” he said.


Photographed with the headman are some of the relatives and stakeholders who attended the inauguration ceremony last Friday


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Date:27 June 2014 - By: Phathutshedzo Luvhengo

Phathutshedzo Luvhengo



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