MEC Nandi Ndalane (right) cracks a joke with Musina Mayor Mihloti Muhlope at the Beit Bridge port of entry.

MEC and mayor on fact finding tour to Beit Bridge


The MEC for Transport and Community Safety, Ms Nandi Ndalane, and the mayor of Musina, Cllr Mihloti Muhlope, conducted an oversight visit at the Beit Bridge border post last Thursday.

Ndalane said that it was important to visit the border post to be able to personally experience the level of service delivery. “As government, we have the power to conduct oversight of all organs of state to make sure that our people are serviced satisfactorily. We should always remind one another that oversight is a function granted by the Constitution to monitor and oversee government actions. The true test of democracy is the extent to which we can ensure that the government remains answerable to the people.”

She said that key points such as the Beit Bridge port of entry needed to be monitored closely to make sure that travelers were given the best possible service from government officials. “Visits of this nature also help us to detect and prevent abuse of state resources. It will also prevent illegal and unconstitutional conduct on the part of the government employees." She added that the visit would also help to hold the government answerable for how taxpayers’ money was spent and to make government operations more transparent and increase public trust in the government.

Mayor Muhlope said she believed that the oversight visit would yield positive results as far as service delivery was concerned. “This visit intensifies the need for us as principals to be personally kept informed of the business of government. The success thereof requires that we extend our involvement beyond the mere scrutiny of reports. As a provincial growth point and home of a special economic zone, Musina needs more support from government leaders and we are happy that today’s oversight visit is testimony thereof.”




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Date:11 February 2017 - By: News Correspondent

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