Univen Vice-chancellor and Principal, Prof Peter Mbati.

Univen bids farewell to Prof Mbati


The University of Venda (Univen) bade farewell to their vice-chancellor and principal, Prof Peter Mbati, during an event held at the auditorium last Tuesday.

The chairperson of Univen’s Council, Mr Serobi Maja, congratulated Mbati for the sterling job he had done for the university. “When you took over in 2008, the institution looked like a glorified high school with very few amenities. With your dedication, commitment and unequalled love for the university, you transformed this university from humble beginnings to one of the most recognised academic institutions in the country,” Maja added.

He added that Mbati has spearheaded the much-needed construction of modern lecture halls, office spaces, student residences and other infrastructure projects that compete with the best in the country. “We remain the proud beneficiaries of your efforts to lift the university from the quagmire of hopeless into sunlit pathways of hope and fulfilment,” Maja said.

Prof Mbati thanked the Univen Council for giving him an opportunity to successfully complete his tenure.

A former president of the Univen SRC, Ms Mashudu Nthulane, said Mbati’s leadership made Univen what it is today. “You had an open-door policy to all staff members and students. You have imparted knowledge and skills to most of us.” Ms Nthulane added.

Prof Mbati’s term will end on 31 January 2018. The name of the new vice-chancellor has not been announced yet.


Mr Serobi Maja (left) and Mrs Shirley Mabusela (centre) present Prof Peter Mbati (right) with a gift.



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    Azwidohwi Mpete 12 months ago

    @ Makhosini, i am sorry but you have missed my point completely. I don't believe many people would differ with my views if they understood the point i am making here. The issue of our Universities and related areas being places of learning that should welcome everyone and the need to attract talent from around the world and also the fact that i am for South Africans being appointed in senior positions elsewhere outside South Africa are way outside the scope of the point i am raising here. If you read carefully the point i am making here is that we have more potential within the country that should be used for the benefit of this country. If you understand Venda language you should understand the meaning of the following "Mutuka wa haya ha vhifhi" The issue is that i love my country and i respect the diversity of knowledge and skills she keeps and to me when opportunities come up, they take priority then others will follow. I am inviting you to do some research into the composition of staff complement of all our Universities in the country. Once you have the results, if you are not convinced that a serious intervention is need urgently then i give up. Ask yourself why the Department of Higher Education started with the nGAP program, do some research please. Check out the profiles of our respected academics, do you need an example? maybe the likes of Prof Tshilidzi Marwala will shake up things, i mean really now; couldn't we have found a similar candidate who would be a bit PATRIOTIC?

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    makhosini 12 months ago

    Azwi, Many people in South Africa will disagree with your views, Universities in South Africa are a place of learning and Research. Learning and Research are not only open to South African citizens only but to the whole world in general and Africa in particular. South African Universities, including UNIVEN, must attract talent from within South Africa and abroad so that their qualifications may be relevant here in South Africa and abroad. Many South Africans have been appointed as leaders of Universities in Africa, Europe, United States and other countries, I am sure you will not have problems when South Africans gets appointed in Senior Positions outside South Africa, so why do you have a problem when we (South Africa) appoint someone from outside?

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    Azwidohwi Mpete 12 months ago

    We South Africans must start appreciating our own, be proud about our capabilities. I am not being xenophobic but i do not believe appointing foreigners in the senior decision making positions like Vice Chancellor is helping the country and our own education sector. We have got to focus on ourselves, develop our education sector and support as well as develop our own academics. I was taught by foreign lecturers and the little i know today is because of their efforts and i thank them for that. The issue here is that it seems we have forgotten about ourselves, this country and all its resources that are supposed to benefit us South Africans no longer do that, while they bring their brothers and sisters in every opportunity they get, we get sidelined and we are left to beg from them. I am appealing to whoever will be responsible for this appointment to respect the intellectuals and academics of this country. Ndaa!


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Date:07 December 2017 - By: Mbulaheni Ridovhona

Mbulaheni Ridovhona

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