Mr Ahmed Shoeb survived an attempted murder.

Businessman cheats death


A businessman who runs businesses in the Makhado and Thulamela municipalities is still in a state of shock after his car was shot at twice in what seems to be a botched attempted murder.

Limpopo Mirror paid Mr Ahmed Shoeb a visit at Tshakhuma, where he shared his tragic story with the newspaper.

“This is pure attempted murder and nothing else,” he said. Shoeb said that he was travelling to one of his business premises in Mashau village on 4 January at around 11:55, when he heard gunshots from the grassy side of the road. He looked at the side of the road and saw about four men.

“I brought the car to a stark halt, produced my firearm and returned fire,” he said. “They ran away. I was so angry and not just afraid, because they were people who attempted to kill me. I had never been that angry in my life before. I had to open fire because I was fed up.”

He added that he failed to understand the reason why people should plan and even attempt to take his life, because he had no enemies. “I called the police, who came within a few minutes.”

Shoeb said that he had been operating businesses in the district for more than 15 years. He added that they had witnessed several robberies, but not a situation where criminals would ambush a businessperson with the aim of killing him. “Businesspeople are good people who also believe in people,” he said. “We love people and it’s one of the reasons why we operate businesses - to bring services to them. Now, as a human being, I am concerned about the safety of everyone here – including me and my family. Let’s hope the police will solve this matter.”

At least two gunshot holes are visible on the car: one on the left fender, and the other on the passenger door.

The provincial police’s spokesperson, Lt-Col Moatshe Ngoepe, confirmed the incident and said that the police were investigating a case of attempted murder.


Mr Ahmed Shoeb survived an attempted murder.

Mr Ahmed Shoeb's car shortly after it was shot at, around Mashau village.

Mr Ahmed Shoeb's car shortly after it was shot at, around Mashau village.


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Date:13 January 2018 - By: Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

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