Patrick "BMW" Mulaudzi receives a warm welcome from Ms Joyce Mudzanani at Mpheni Block A.

BMW Mulaudzi seizes the attention of Elim residents


“I am no longer just a BMW – I am a Jaguar,” said the 41-year-old Patrick “BMW” Mulaudzi in an interview last week. He acquired the nickname “BMW” last year as a result of his brisk walking expeditions from Vuwani to Thohoyandou.

To describe Mulaudzi’s journey as a “walk” does not do justice to his unique action, which is more a combination of a quick military march with musical flair and radiating lots of energy.

On Sunday, “BMW” Mulaudzi brought a joyful moment to residents of Mpheni’s Block A when he marched and strode through the gravelled, steep streets. Residents were heard shouting: “Vhadzhiye, BMW! Vhadzhiye!” Seize their attention, BMW! Seize it!

Their shouts gave him all the strength and energy needed to breeze through the uphill path without any effort, because he is used to walking about 40 km from Vuwani to Thohoyandou, refusing lift offers along the way.

Mulaudzi entertained clients at a tavern known in the area as Ha-Joyce or Ha-Takalani, after the owner Ms Joyce Mudzanani had invited him. She saw a video of him posted on the Internet and wanted to learn more about this unique man. “I was so intrigued by the way in which he picks up his whole body and moves forward like he is flying in the air!”

Mulaudzi gained national fame when he appeared in a YouTube video briskly traversing the Mavambe/Vuwani road some time last year. In the video, a driver stops and offers him a lift, which he instantly refuses. He claims that walking longer distances is part of his enjoyment as it gives him total joy.

“I am no longer just a BMW – I am a Jaguar!” he exclaims, filled with enthusiasm. “Is there anyone in this country who can walk like me?”

Mulaudzi’s classmate and driver, Mr Thanyani Mudau, said: “He started his energetic style of walking long distances when we were still at school. It’s amazing that he still does that. I support him as a driver, where I transport him to all parts of the province to do his work as an entertainer.”


Patrick "BMW" Mulaudzi entertains Mpheni residents in the Elim area.

Patrick "BMW" Mulaudzi entertains Mpheni residents in the Elim area.

Patrick "BMW" Mulaudzi entertains Mpheni residents in the Elim area.

Patrick "BMW" Mulaudzi entertains Mpheni residents in the Elim area.


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Date:10 February 2018 - By: Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

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