Photographed during the handing over of the wheelchair are from left to right: Mr Daniel Lavhelani, Mr Eric Phophi, Gogo Makatu Masutha (in the wheelchair) and Ms Annah Mabirimisa.

After 25 years of suffering a wheelchair is donated


It was a cheerful moment when an 88-year-old gogo received a wheelchair from a local community builder at Louis Trichardt last Thursday. 

Mrs Makatu Masutha of Mabarimisa in Tshituni area received the wheelchair from Mr Daniel Lavhelani. For the past 25 years gogo Masutha used to hold a bucket to aid her whenever she wanted to move around.

Masutha lives with her unemployed daughter, Annah Mabirimisa and her grandchildren, who are still at school.

Lavhelani (74) said that helping his community and bringing joy to the helpless, is what keeps him going. “I was told about the old lady by her elder sister to whom I donated a wheelchair before. I have retired from work, but when a situation requires me to be involved I help. It pains me to see an older person suffering when we young people can help,” said Lavhelani.

Mr Eric Phophi (45), a grandson, said he is grateful for what the man has done for his family. “It was hard to leave her alone in the house in her condition. I pray for this angel sent by God to continue doing good to other people and not only my grandmother. May God bless him and his work,” said Phophi.

Gogo Masutha said that she is honoured to have been released from pain and sorrow. “I thank this man for what he has done for me,” she said.



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Date:16 April 2018 - By: Tracy Ngobeni

Tracy Ngobeni

Tracy Ngobeni is a 20-year-old intern who is doing her final year in journalism at Tsh­wane University of Technology. She was born and bred in Olifantshoek. She started her journalism career in 2017, after submitting her articles to the Record Noweto Newspaper in Pretoria. Her heart beats for print media because she believes that writing can heal reader's souls.



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