Matatani village traditional leader, Musanda Vho-Zwovhonala Litshani Mabila (middle) photographed with the local ward councillor, Rabelani Gadabeni (left) and member of Musina Municipality Council Executive Committee, Cllr Jeremia Khunwana at Matatani Musanda.

'Serious about service delivery'


The traditional leader of Matatani village, Musanda Vho-Zwovhonala Litshani Mabila, said since his village was incorporated into Musina Municipality two years ago, there have been a visible portfolio of evidence for a better life.

Matatani village is situated near Tshipise tsha Sagole and falls under Ward 10 of Musina Municipality.

Mabila said the upgrading of the 12km Tshipise-Matatani road is a clear indication that Musina Municipality is serious about service delivery. “The road to our village was rocky, bumpy and very dusty. It was very difficult to access my village, but we are happy that we can now be accessed with ease. It is also easier for emergency vehicles like ambulances and police vans to come here. We have also witnessed several developments coming into our ward and we are very thankful for that.”

He says he understands that the municipality has incorporated many villages and all the challenges cannot be addressed at once. “As people, we experience challenges on a daily basis. We can all see that the municipality is doing its best to improve our lives. We are happy to be associated with Musina Municipality, because they take our community needs very seriously.”

Musanda Mabila praised the local ward councillor, Rabelani Gadabeni and his ward committee for having the community’s interests at heart. “He represents us and the municipality very well. He makes sure that we are aware of everything that is happening in our ward. We are very fortunate to have someone like him. I wish all political representatives were like him in the whole country.”

Gadabani said the only way through which communities can be developed, is with the cooperation of traditional leaders, community stakeholders and members of the public. “As community leaders, we don’t impose anything on our people. We consult and seek inputs from people so that they can also form part of the decision-making process of the municipality.



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