Mayor Mihloti Muhlope says the municipality is engaging with Eskom to address the electricity debt.

Eskom debt 'of huge concern' to Musina


The mayor of Musina, Cllr Mihloti Muhlope, said the municipality was engaging with Eskom to address issues relating to the municipal electricity debt which is more than R70 million.

Muhlope was addressing councillors, traditional leaders, the management team of the municipality and community members during a Council meeting at the municipality Council Chambers last week.  

“The notice of intention to interrupt our bulk electricity supply by Eskom is of great concern to us. We are engaging with Eskom to make sure that we meet our obligations to bring our current account to date to avoid the power cut. I want to assure you that we are doing everything possible to make sure that we reach an agreement with Eskom before their deadline next month (July). Our people must have faith in our leadership because we are here to serve them.”

She encouraged community members and stakeholders to make presentations with Eskom as per the notice. “All affected parties must assist us by making written presentations, comments and submissions to help us to avoid this power cut. Working with our community members and stakeholders, we have no doubt that we will overcome this challenge as a matter of urgency. This situation calls upon all of us to join hands to push our municipality forward.”

Muhlope said the municipality was currently enforcing cost-cutting measures to maximize the few financial resources available. “Unnecessary travelling, avoidable overtime, worthless workshops and futile expenditure must all stop. Looking at the state of our financial affairs, it is very important for us to intensify our credit control measures to generate enough revenue to fund our service delivery mandate. Any non-payment of municipal services should have serious consequences.”

She thanked stakeholders and community members for their continued support in the development of the municipality. “Let’s continue to attend public participation meetings to be part of the decision-making processes of the municipality.”



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