Mr Petros Lebese Mhangani, a patient at the Tshwane Rehab Centre. Photo supplied.

Man with memory loss looking for family


Mr Petros Lebese Mangani (41), a patient at the Tshwane Rehab Centre, is urgently in search of his family at Ha Tshilungoma. 

Mangani was transferred to the rehabilitation centre by the Steve Biko Hospital after suffering a stroke. Because of the stroke, Mangani lost his memory and cannot remember who his family members are. He was admitted to the rehab centre in April this year and has since recovered and completed his rehabilitation. The hospital now wants to discharge him, but neither he nor the hospital knows where to locate his family members.

People who recognise Mangani or know where to find his family, are urged to phone Benita Mokomane at 012 354 6820.



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Date:12 July 2018 - By: Tracy Ngobeni

Tracy Ngobeni



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