Municipal workers, under the banner of the South African Municipal Workers Union (SAMWU), pay tribute to their fallen colleague, Ngwako Albert Mokobi, during his memorial service in Musina.

Municipal worker killed in house fire


Fellow municipal workers, family members and friends described Ngwako Albert Mokobi as a good and friendly person who would not even hurt a fly. A service worker in the civil division at the Musina Municipality, Mokobi died a painful death when he was trapped in a fire that reduced his once beautiful house to ashes.

Experts are still investigating the cause of the fire.

Mokobi has been in the employ of Musina Municipality for the past seven years.

When addressing mourners during a memorial service that was held at Musina Nancefield, Cllr Nkele Milanzi said the municipality had received the sad news of Mokobi’s passing with shock.  “We are really saddened by the passing of this hardworking municipal worker, especially when we learned that his life ended tragically. We send our deepest condolences to the family of the deceased and pray that God should comfort them during this difficult time.”

Representing the family, Mr David Mokobi thanked relatives, friends and community members who displayed their support at a time when they were needed most. He also sent his deepest gratitude to the employer of the deceased, the Musina Municipality, for being readily available to assist them whenever they needed them.

“This is a very difficult time for us as a family, but your presence gives us courage to face the reality. We have noted that since our family member passed on, people were flocking to offer their condolences. We could not overcome this grief without your prayers.”

Mokobi was buried on Saturday at Musina.


The late Musina Municipality employee Ngwako Albert Mokobi.


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