Some of the citizens who attended the celebration.

Thulamela embraces senior citizens


Thulamela Local Municipality recently held its senior citizens’ annual celebration at the Mutale Town Hall in Tshilamba.

This year’s celebration was held on 31 October, and senior citizens from all over the Thulamela region attended. The Thulamela Municipality was led by its mayor, Cllr Avhashoni Tshifhango, and members of the executive committee. The senior citizens were led by their chairperson, Mr Ntevheleni Thovhogi.

During the celebration, which was well-attended by elderly members over the age of 60, senior citizens hailed the municipality for organizing the day and helping them to come together. One of the senior citizens said she was happy that the municipality had helped her to have an opportunity to meet her peers while also catching up with old friends. “By coming here, we prevented a lot of stress. Some of us mostly stay at home the whole day without doing anything. Because of the busy schedule of some of our family members, we even spend the whole day without talking to anyone.”

She added that, as a result, it gave them depression and stress, which led to unnecessary diseases that were very dangerous to their lives.

Thovhogi said the elders were happy that the present government was looking after its senior citizens by providing grants and other support. He also added that senior citizens were participating in sports activities from local and provincial up to national level with the support of the municipality. “We are also happy to announce that we were the only team that had a proper uniform.  Some of the teams even wanted to borrow ours,” said Thovhogi.

Tshifhango also advised senior citizens to register indigent’s forms, so that they could benefit from government subsidies for electricity and water.

The mayor also said he was happy to spend some time with senior citizens when he saw them perform different traditional dances such as tshigombela, tshifasi and malende.



Some senior citizens render an item during the Senior Citizens' Day celebration held at Mutale. 


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Date:12 November 2018 - By: Ndivhuwo Musetha

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