Evangelist Mabore Ravhuhali (right), photographed with the Musina Mayor, Cllr Mihloti Muhlope, during the Musina annual prayer day at the Skoonplaas Stadium. 

“Pray for the leaders ...”


Evangelist Mabore Ravhuhali of Musina urged churches, community structures and the public to work closely with the government to improve their lives.

She was addressing fellow congregants, representatives of Musina Municipality and community members during the Musina annual prayer day at Skoonplaas Stadium last Thursday. 

Ravhuhali said the authority of the government was there with the blessing of God and it is important for everyone to support those in leadership roles. “We need to pray for our leaders, so that they can get wisdom from God to lead people with integrity. If the spirit of God guides our leaders, it means they will be able to fulfil their mandate with distinction.”

She urged community members, regardless of denomination, to join other Christians to pray for peace and harmony in Musina. “We have various denominations here around Musina, but the God we serve is one. This means that we can easily unite in prayer to bring peace in our beloved municipality.”

Mayor Mihloti Muhlope said the government needed various stakeholders, including the clergy, to function well. “The municipality has been holding this annual prayer day for the past five years and we are seeing the fruits thereof. It is through these prayers that we can lead our people diligently. The clergy are an integral part of government and we will continue to work with them to bring peace in our municipality.”

She added that the church, considering its divine function, was a platform for rebirth and making the government succeed. “We know a lot of pastors who were in the forefront of the struggle for the freedom of our country. We should always commend these icons for fighting the freedom war with Bibles in their hands.”

She added that the municipality operated with the assistance of various stakeholders and the church was one of them. “Nothing will ever succeed without prayer, and that is why we keep on building this relationship with the church.”




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