Family members and friends of the late veteran political activist, community leader and former educator, Mr Samson Thivhudziswi Madume, carry his coffin to the graveyard of Dzimauli-Tshibvumo on Saturday.

Community leader Samson Madume laid to rest


A veteran political activist, community builder and educator, Mr Samson Madume, was laid to rest at Dzimauli-Tshibvumo in Ha-Rambuda village on Saturday.

Madume (61), of Dzimauli-Tshibvumo village, passed away on 1 January in the MediClinic in Polokwane after a long illness.

When reading the obituary, Mr Isaac Munzhelele said that Madume had been a teacher, businessman, environmentalist, community builder, a politician and a public representative (municipal councillor in Mutale), a husband and a father.

“He was a determined and dedicated individual who saw challenges as a platform to showcase his knowledge, skills and expertise. This is demonstrated by the many roles and tasks assigned to him that he executed, all at the same time, with so much success and without any complaint. In this regard, he sacrificed his time, effort and money, and at times, his professional career, to uplift the lives of the people of Mutale,” said Munzhelele.

Munzhelele added that Madume’s passion for service delivery and his stand in the fight against corruption were evident during this tenure as a councillor. According to him, Madume became very unpopular among some of his former comrades and the leadership at council and organisational level for giving prominence to the wrongs.

Pastor Avhafarei Nduvheni, his cousin who also grew up with Madume, described him as a “long man” who was determined to help the communities and was regarded as the leader in the Madume family.

Madume was member of the ANC in Mutale, before joining the DA in 2017.




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Date:19 January 2019 - By: Silas Nduvheni

Silas Nduvheni



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