Tshitshithe & Bros Funeral Undertakers' Mr Phathutshedzo Ramawa was photographed with the deceased' s father, Mr Khuliso Ramese, during his visit to the family.

Tshitshithe steps in to bury lightning victim (13)


The family of the 13-year-old Mavhungu Ramese was devastated after he was killed by lightning a fortnight ago. Their pain was worsened by the fact that they could not afford to bury Mavhungu in dignity since they had neither cash nor a funeral policy.

“We didn't know what to do next,” said Mavhungu's father, Mr Khuliso Ramese of Tshivhuyuni village at Mashamba. “But then Mavhungu's aunt contacted Tshitshithe & Bros on our behalf for kind assistance.”

Tshitshithe & Bros Funeral Undertakers then agreed to help the indigent family with a burial service at no cost, because they believed that the young victim of lightning deserved to be laid to rest in peace and honour.

The representative of Tshitshithe & Bros, Mr Phathutshedzo Ramawa, said that the funeral parlour would like to be part of assisting the destitute family in their time of need. “We would like to encourage everyone to stay indoors and remain alert during this rainy season,” he said. “We further remind all people to get prepared to face challenging times, like a situation where they have to bury loved ones. People should consider having at least a funeral policy to assist in times like these.”

Mavhungu was a Grade 5 pupil at Mulindavhathu Primary School. He was laid to rest on Saturday.

According to his father, Mavhungu was walking home after participating in a soccer match. “The weather suddenly changed, and he was struck by lightning in the street and he died on the scene,” Mr Ramese said. “We have a lost a son who loved people, sport and school. We just thank Tshitshithe & Bros again for lending us a hand of help in our time of greatest need.”

In the afternoon after the funeral, Tshitshithe & Bros Funeral Undertakers' Mr Phathutshedzo Ramawa visited the deceased family to find out if the kind of help extended to them had been rendered to their satisfaction. The family expressed satisfaction and more words of gratitude. “Since they had not paid, we wanted to ensure that they also received quality service, just like any of our clients, so that our assistance also reflected our sincerity,” Ramawa said.




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