Well-known businessman Goddard Mugwena completed his LLB degree.

Goddard Mugwena completes his LLB


Well-known businessman and former lecturer Mr Goddard Mugwena received his LLB degree from the University of South Africa (Unisa) last Wednesday.

Mugwena also holds a BSc degree, a BSc Honours degree and an education diploma, which he completed at the University of Venda. He was a former lecturer at the Tshisimani College of Education, Ramaano Training Centre and Univen.

Mugwena said reading broadened his mind and he also planned to further his studies next year. “I wish I was still young, so that I could fully utilise the studying opportunities, but I thank God because I have at least managed to fulfil part of my dream. I will keep on studying until I lose my sight,” he said.

He said that he kept himself busy reading books. “People should know that we do not read books for salary increments, but we read them to acquire more knowledge and to become well informed,” he said.

Mugwena encouraged the youth to take education seriously. “I did not do this for name or fame. My heart bleeds for the future of the young generation and I must demonstrate to them that nothing is more important than education. I also want to show everyone that it is possible to achieve educational dreams even when one is employed.”

“I always have to battle to balance my private life, work commitments and community-involvement activities. It has never been easy to accomplish all these, but I worked hard until I arrived where I am today. I therefore urge my younger brothers and sisters to make hay while the sun shines by going to school while they are still young,” said Mugwena.

He has a strong message of encouragement to other elders who think old age is a stumbling block to further studies. “As elders, we are capable of making a contribution to the development of education in our country. We have to compete against our youths in the class because age is against us. I call upon all elders, including pensioners, to get down to their books to improve their life skills for the benefit of our communities.”

“I have taught so many professors, doctors, accountants and other high-profile figures. I asked myself what is wrong with me that I can’t also study further. I’m tired of becoming a bridge which every person uses to cross to the other side of the river. I told myself that it is also my turn to make things happen and here I am today.”

Mr Eric Rabambi Mugwena, a close friend, said Mugwena would undoubtedly become a good lawyer because of the friendships he had made in his social life. “I know he has worked hard and faced up to his challenges. He has studied law and found out that this learning field is more challenging than he first expected. He has been taught to question, challenge, analyse and argue and we hope that these qualities will make him a better lawyer whom we will all be proud of,” he said.




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Date:02 December 2019 - By: Kaizer Nengovhela

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