Murunwa Divhani Khwereli encourages his colleagues in the security sector to take education seriously. He recently acquired a qualification in theology.

Security guard by day and theology student by night


Regular visitors to the offices of Musina Municipality will quickly recognise the face of Murunwa Divhani Khwareli. He is one of the security personnel hired by a private company to protect the assets of the municipality. When visitors arrive at the municipality, he makes sure that they comply with all security measures put in place by his company and the municipality.  When all workers knock off, he patrols around the buildings to make sure that everything is on order before the night shift comes on.

However, this young man has another side that many people do not know about. Khwareli has been studying for a qualification in theology, which he recently acquired from the Kingdom Impact School of Ministry. He surprised everyone, including his fellow employees, when he graduated from his one-year certificate in theology.

“Many people look down upon us as security personnel. I just want to prove that those who are doing ordinary work like guarding in the security industry can also achieve their educational goals, despite the hardships they come across daily,” says Khwareli, who hails from Thengwe Tshitunguni village. His desire is to be a full-time pastor one day.

He says reading his books while fulfilling his security duties at the same time was not easy. “Sometimes the work in the security industry can become demanding, taking into consideration that we work directly with the public. Despite all this, I had to find time to study, write my assignments, and sit for examinations. I am happy that I completed my course in record time. I hope my achievement will serve as a motivation to other colleagues in the security industry to take their studies seriously.”

A staunch Christian and member of the Christ Mission Centre, Khwareli vowed that he would continue to study until his last day on earth. “I am more into the theology field, and I will keep studying, so that I can expand my knowledge in this sector. When you study, you broaden your mind, and you can easily apply your mind in the live challenges that you come across on a daily basis.”




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