Lindelani Ntando Ramuedzisi started a new concept of packaging and selling trendy ice creams during the lockdown. Picture supplied.

Lindelani brings 'savvy' to village


Lindelani Ntando Ramuedzisi (29), a local beautician who found herself with no income because of the lockdown and Covid-19 regulations, started a new business of packaging and selling trendy ice creams.

Ramuedzisi, who is a travel and tourism management graduate from Rosebank College, says her new business, Market Lee Scrumptious, currently operates on Saturdays and Sundays, but she hopes things will reach the stage where she will be able to operate daily. Her business is situated at Madodonga village, where unique ice creams, cocktails, soft drinks and kotas are offered.

“I started getting inspiration to start selling trendy ice creams via mobile delivery, but the moving around was strenuous, so I asked my brother to allow me to make use of his old supermarket building, which was not in use then,” she tells. “The concept of trendy ice creams with spacious, decorated resting places was well received in the area.”

“The unique thing about this market is the transformation of a normal supermarket into a “vibey” market, with a unique setup that has sent locals buzzing to indulge as they get high-quality products,” she says. “They also love getting splendid pictures of themselves while eating or relaxing at the place.”

Ramuedzisi says she had a few challenges along the way, but she managed to beat most of them through determination. “I faced a lot of challenges, to the point where I took a little break and went back to the drawing board, to plan and strategize my business afresh.”

She teamed up with a like-minded woman, Tebogo Ramanala, in relaunching her business in September and from that point on, they have not looked back.

“The concept is more about creativity, art and fun in the form of beverages, desserts and kotas,” she says. “My inspiration for starting this kind of business was from the page The Scrummy Ice cream and Flaka Cloud on Instagram. I thought, ‘why not bring this urban feel to my village?’ and I made it. I don’t believe in being a spectator. I often see people in Fourways, Farmers Market and Waterfall Market and I thought to myself, ‘why not try it here at home?’, and the rest is history.”

She had learned to not just sit in the corner and complain about the lack of job opportunities in rural areas. “As a mother, I know the kind of responsibilities that women carry,” she says. “So, I want to inspire young ladies, specifically young mothers.”

Catch up with Ramuedzisi on Facebook (Lee beautiful creations, Lee’s creative Touch & Lee Scrumptious and Linde-lee Ntando Ramuedzisi).




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Date:21 November 2020 - By: Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

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