Dr Cedrick Nnzekiseni Mathoho of Tshiombo village, photographed at his home next to the mango tree that is more than 100 years old.

Century-old mango tree is part of family's heritage


Well-known pastor and community builder Dr Cedrick Nnzekiseni Mathoho of Tshiombo village outside Thohoyandou has a message for nature and history lovers. He says the mango tree at his home, which is more than 100 years old, is a symbol of history that reminds him of the good works performed by his forefathers while they were still alive. He encourages community members not to cut down trees because they are a treasure to the community, and they help in giving people oxygen and to stabilize the soil.

The clergyman’s claim is backed by his elderly father, Mr Kanakana Jutas Mathoho, who said the tree was there when he was born 82 years ago. “This mango tree was planted by my father, Frans Mphephu Mathoho, many years ago. I was born here and the whole family settled here for as long as I could remember. I believe that this mango tree is older than everyone in this village and that is why it is so special for us as the Mathoho clan,” said the old man.

The pastor says his aunt, Vho-Tshisikhawe Mathoho, who is 12 years older than his father, also confirms that the mango tree was there when she was born. “This is a unique tree that is full of history to our family. Cutting it down would be like removing a part of my body while I’m still alive. This tree should be preserved for as long as it lives, so that the future generations can also see it and have pride in it.”

Cedrick says despite its advanced age, the tree is still producing delicious mangoes that are enjoyed by everyone around the village. “People come here in large numbers to pick up mangoes because the taste is very different from all other mango trees around here. Fruit lovers who have tasted these mangoes will agree with me that no one can resist their sweet, juicy taste that forces people to ask for more.”




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