Vuwani protests: Two dead


Renewed violence in Vuwani has led to two people burning to death.

According to police information the two people, who have not been identified yet, passed away on Tuesday evening. From what could be established the vehicle they were travelling in crashed into a pipe that was used to barricade one of the local roads near Vuwani.

A third person in the vehicle sustained serious injuries and was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment.

These fatalities come amidst a renewed shutdown in the protest-stricken area with community members demanding answers over unresolved demarcation issues.

The provincial police spokesperson, Lt-Col Moatshe Ngoepe, said on Wednesday that a case of culpable homicide had been open for further investigation.   

He also confirmed that, ever since renewed protests kicked off in Vuwani on Monday, six private vehicles have been damaged by people throwing stones from the bushes.



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    Ntokoto King Pass 11 months ago

    On this one we ain't glad as Tsonga's what is happening its going to form fights between both areas ... My brother Glenzito Chauke left us now ...My best friend isaya Makamu died .
    .now its also my colleague Leo Xilaveko Golele in hospital fighting for his life

    Do something as our Municipality Mashimbyi

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    Lutendo Esrom 11 months ago

    Uncle Sol Mashimbye today I give you my five, It is indeed clear that they wanted us Vendas and Tsongas to fight each other smple because we are dominating top positions. The ANC today is the same as ISIS, they are always armed with razor wired voices claiming to be peace makers but promoting cruelty. It would useless to force a donkey to a well, if it is not thirsty how can it drinks water. All provokers who started this are at peace where they are but our people denied their Human Rights as enshrined in the Constitution. Remember Zizi Kodwa brutality statement and today Fikile Mbalula also urges such, how could a human being do such? The solution is there very clear on the table, you re demarcate,rule off Vuwani and grant Malamulele their benefits then fairly so , life goes on.

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    mavhungu 12 months ago

    rules are meant to be broken by human beings not animals, do not insist people of vuwani to be incorporated at Collins chabane municipalty. respect our rights and avoid unnecessary chaos and stupid deaths. people are not gonna tolerate the decision taken by dermacation board

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    Uncle Sol Mashimbye 12 months ago

    Those confused municipal demarcation board officials are sitting comfortable at Polokwane while our people died this cruel death.Vembe is being used as a guinea pig,why are the government forcing matters against the will of the at limpopo there is too much denial but the truth is Sothos are playing the big boss game no piece of them is in other ethnic grouping territory,they are peacefully on their own.why does Matoks not part of Makhado,they know very well that they want their own space.But Vuwani is forced to a territory they don't want and what are the end results this barbaric death.shame on you the Anc which pretend to be united and not ethnically influenced but with an abudence of evidence.when you listen to talkshows on radio Phalaphala with listeners airing their views majority if not all of them supports Vuwani but it is the opposite with Mughana lonene they are against Vuwani,simple translation it is clear what the issue is all about,the solution is to redemarcate and completely do away with ethnic grouping,I mean overhauling the whole of limpopo.


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Date:19 April 2017 - By: Isabel Venter

Isabel Venter

Isabel joined the Zoutpansberger and Limpopo Mirror in 2009 as a reporter. She holds a BA Degree in Communication Sciences from the University of South Africa. Her beat is mainly crime and court reporting.



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