Photographed during the unveiling ceremony of the late Funanani Mandy Radzilani's tombstone at the Muledane cemetery. From left to right: Member of Parliament Ms Faith Muthambi, Ms Anna Radzilani (mother), Ms Arehone Radzilani (sister), Ms Khodani Radzilani (sister) and Mr Thabo Radzilani (father). Photo supplied.

Mourners pay tribute to Funie Radzilani


Loved ones from near and far came to pay their last respects to the late Funanani Mandy Radzilani from Muledane village after her sudden death on Sunday, 27 March. She passed away in the Pholoso Clinic in Polokwane after a long but unspecified illness. She was only 35 at the time of her death.

Also known as Funie van Tonder to her nearest and dearest, she owned a number of businesses, including Mabumbani, which she co-owned with her friend Bumba Mashudu, the famous Funie’s Eatery, Fukani General Trading, Feeder Lushaka, and Funie’s Laundromat.  

Funie was buried at the local Muledane cemetery after a memorial service was held for her at the Christian Worship Centre (CWC) in Maniini on Saturday, 2 April. Mourners from all corners of the country attended the service. Among them were senior pastors, staff from Phalaborwa FNB whom she worked with years ago, representatives of the local municipality, and even well-known musicians, including the evergreen Lufuno Dagada and Mulalo Mutoti, better known as Bhamba.

ANC leader and member of parliament Ms Faith Muthambi eulogised Funie as an all-rounder who excelled at whatever she did. “I met Funie in 1999 and the social contract and bond we formed since then never lapsed. She was a God-fearing person who related with everybody. She was selfless and did not mind promoting other people’s businesses. She was a role model who lived life to the fullest. My advice to the youth is that they follow in her footsteps in order to make this country a better place for all,” she said.

Bishop Rofhiwa Madzinge, who heads CWC’s Tshwane branch, described Funie as his pillar of strength. “From the beginning of my ministry, Funie and her friend Mashudu Bumba devoted their time and helped me. I can proudly say that I am here because of them, and I appreciate them.”

A colleague of hers, businessman Mr Oscar Mudau, also had only kind words to remember her by. “Funie was an esteemed entrepreneur and her selflessness helped us immensely as she would advertise and support our businesses,” he said.

Funie is survived by parents Mr Thabo Samuel Radzilani and Ms Anna Tshilidzi Radzilani, and two younger sisters, Khodani and Arehone Radzilani.



Date:07 April 2022 - By: Elmon Tshikhudo

Elmon Tshikhudo

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