StageBox on his way to stardom

Date:11 February 2017 - By: Prudence Bopape

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The future looks rosy and bright for local musician Lucky Mashudu Munyembeni, better known by his stage name StageBox Lentheric.

According to observers, he is taking Limpopo music to new heights in the music industry. StageBox released his third album last year. The name of the recent album is Long Walk To Stardom, with the hit song Am loving her. This song originated from the old theme song of MacDonald’s - it is both enticing and very interesting to listen to.

Long walk to stardom is an album that consists of eight mesmerising tracks that feature the likes of Gaby Gbaby and Bee Kay, both from Gfam entertainment. On the day the album was released, 16 May 2016, Stagebox managed to sell many copies of his album - to such an extent that it earned him a booking from Afri-Dzonga Music Awards. Before he embarked to Afri-Dzonga, he first volunteered to perform for the charity Miss Dolls and Divas, which was hosted by Mrs Globe Carol Mabasa.

This talented musician comes from Musina and started off his career as a soccer player; however, his true calling was music. Through his dedication, passion and love for music he performed and left his fans yearning for more.

As for 2017, he started with a bang by introducing his new website for all his fans, which is designed in a rather creative manner that is very broad, distinct and inviting at the same time ( This website consists of his accounts for both music, videos and his page, “I pray and wish that I get more bookings this year, more specifically at show grounds,” says StageBox.

For bookings, StageBox can be phoned on 0817954040/ 0729051740 or contacted via e-mail at

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StageBox Lentheric.


By: Prudence Bopape

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