Fatal vehicle accident motivates her to share her testimony

Date:15 April 2018 - By: Mbulaheni Ridovhona

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"If you want to share a story, go ahead and tell it as it is. The easiest way to tell your personal life story is by telling the truth, even though you feel your story will leave you naked. Telling the truth always wins, as many people relate to it," said Londolani Tsanwani.

She recently released her book entitled My scars, my testimony.

This is her first book, even though she does not regard herself as a writer. "I just decided to write a book to share my story after being involved in a vehicle accident that happened in 2015, where I lost my partner, Mpho Regalo, who was the love of my life and father of my beautiful princess, Rialivhuwa," she said.

She started writing it in 2016 December after seeing a psychologist who encouraged her to write her good and bad memories. "I just decided to start writing from the day I met my partner, our life together, our accident, and the miracles of God after surviving the accident," she said.

"My scars motivated me. I was reminded every day of where I come from and where I am now. Every time I look at them, I am reminded of my testimony that I am sharing with the world. The testimony that is inspiring and restoring hope to so many people," she added.

The 31-year-old hails from Itsani village. She said she wanted to inspire and restore hope to people who were going through a lot. "I want to remind them that it’s not important to focus on why it happened to them. The important thing they need is reassurance that God is with them, in good and bad times," she added.

Those interested in the book can phone her on 081 066 1237.

Londolani Tsanwani. Photo supplied .


Londolani Tsanwani. Photo supplied .


By: Mbulaheni Ridovhona

The 22-year-old Mbulaheni (Gary) Ridovhona has been passionate about journalism to the extent that he would buy himself a copy of weekly Univen students' newsletter, Our Voice. After reading, he would write stories about his rural village, Mamvuka, and submit them to the very newsletter for publication. His deep-rooted love for words and writing saw him register for a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies at the University of Venda, and joined the Limpopo Mirror team in February 2016 as a journalism intern.