Gear Box released new CD, Livhida lavho

Date:03 June 2018 - By: Silas Nduvheni

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Those men who are still “jollying” with the wives of other men are warned by rumba artist Muzondwa “Gear Box” Salani that they must stop the practice because if they do not stop, they will be digging their own graves.

Salani (50), a classic rumba artist, who is also a soldier at 15 SAI Battalion in Vuwani, hails from Muhuyu outside Thohoyandou. He has just released a new CD, Livhida lavho, which literary means digging your own grave.

According to Salani, Livhida lavho Volume 3 is his third album and the title track, Livhida lavho, sends a clarion call to men who are still “jollying” with the wives of other men that they are playing with fire. “We want men and women to be faithful with one lover and love only that person, and we don’t promote adultery. Taking someone’s wife is a risk because, at any time, the real husband could kill you if he finds you with his wife,” said Salani.

The new CD contains seven songs that were composed by Salani and recorded at DJ Takie’s Studios at Mianzwi village outside Thohoyandou.

His second CD was called Ndo humbula vho Mandela (remembering former President Nelson Mandela) and was released in 2016.

On the track matshonisa (micro lenders), Gear Box says he discovered that borrowing too much money could make one end up penniless while working for good money. “I discovered that the cause of suffering for other men was due to their involvement in matshonisa.

On the track tshelede he says that money is the root of all evil and is used to buy tenders and jobs and those without money are always suffering.

Salani can be reached by phoning 072 2096 539.


Muzondwa “Gear Box” Salani.


By: Silas Nduvheni