Aaron Rams wows gospel fanatics

Date:02 December 2018 - By: Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

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Gospel star Aaron Thabo Ramutshatsha, popularly known as Aaron Rams, is quickly making a name for himself with his amazing voice and message-infused lyrics.

A music graduate from the University of Venda, Aron Rams developed his music passion in high school, where he sang in the school choir until he completed his high-school education.

He has just released a 10-track album entitled Ndi Ene (It is Him). It was recorded at Rayna Studios in Randburg and produced by RR Productions company. “Music is my life; I cannot imagine life and its possible joys and happiness without music,” he said. “I love music so much that I had to register for some lessons in piano and bass guitar with the University of Venda.”

His music passion was influenced while he was working with the evergreen gospel artist and amazing pianist Rampson Rambuwani and the late Dalton Mbedzi. He played drums for Rambuwani and Mbedzi and travelled with them to events in South Africa. He has shared the stage with many musicians, including the Legendary Blondie Makhene and many more artists.

On 14 November this year, he was recognised by Phalaphala FM as the artist of the week, and during his interview he promised to offer more of quality gospel music to his fans.

RR Productions' executive producer, Mrs Denga Ramutshatsha, said many artists struggled to fulfil their dreams because of a lack of sponsorship and funding. “There are so many talented artists in our communities who need someone to recognise, believe in their dreams and talent,” she said. “So, RR Productions is there to nature their talents and help them through their struggles as artists to achieve their goals.”

Those interested in the music of Aaron Rams and RR Productions can phone or WhatsApp 0822329721 or follow them on Instagram: RR Productions_Events or Facebook.



Aaron Rams's Ndi Ene.


Aaron Rams.


By: Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

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