Recording facilities now available at Musina

Date:07 September 2019 - By:

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Artists from Musina and surrounding areas no longer need to travel long distances in search of quality sound to record their music projects.

This is all thanks to Tovhowani Lazarus Molea, who has brought studio recording services closer to their doorstep. 

Famously known as DJ Godzilla, Molea is a renowned, self-taught sound engineer who worked in various recording studios in Gauteng before he decided to establish his own recording studio and recording label, G Records, in Nancefield, Musina.

“As an experienced artist who has recorded and released several albums, I have travelled a difficult and thorny road in my musical career. I had to travel to Gauteng to record my music and it was not easy at the time. I don’t want the young and upcoming artists in my area to travel the same difficult path as mine and I decided to do something to help my people here in Musina.”

He said young, talented musicians were often discouraged by not being given an opportunity to realize their potential with big companies. “Sometimes you will find that budding artists’ demo CDs are turned away because of minor things that can be corrected. I take time to listen attentively and guide these young artists on where to improve. Most of the artists who were turned away by big companies have been made stars by G Records here in Musina,” he added.

According to him, “there were several hopeless musicians who were roaming the streets here in Musina, but I built up their confidence and made them big stars over a short period of time. I’m happy that we now have many people from other towns who come to my studio to record their projects because they recognize our good work”.

As a way of giving back to the community, Godzilla is transferring his sound-engineering skills to the young people of Musina free of charge. “When I have time, I invite young boys and girls to the studio and give them free lessons on sound engineering.” Anyone who needs assistance can phone him on 060 670 7758.

“I also give negotiated and discounted studio rates to the local people because I know that most of them do not have any source of income. Poverty should never stop us on our way to developing the precious talent of our people. We will work closely with all artists to make sure that studio recording services are accessible to everyone, especially here in Musina.”



Experienced sound engineer Lazarus DJ Godzilla Molea of G Records has brought studio recording services closer to the people of Musina.