Rodzula Lyborn Ravhura makes music for the love of it

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At times, some things must be seen to be believed, while others must be believed to be seen. Most music lovers could not believe it when local reggae icon Colbert Mukwevho introduced his younger brother, Mulalo Mukwevho, as one of the best bass guitarists in the country at the age of 11.

In 1992, the young musician had seasoned international journalists perusing dictionaries to find better words to describe his guitar-playing skills when he performed at the Somhlolo Stadium in Swaziland.

On Sunday morning, another young guitar-playing wizard had music fans and God-fearing local communities eating out of his hand when he played his beloved instrument at the Wells of Revivals Christian International Church at Makonde village. He displayed skills only seen locally in great bass guitarists in the mould of Mulalo Mukwevho himself, Bakhithi Khumalo (formerly with Lucky Dube's band) and Jabu Sibumbe of Stimela.

After his performance, guitarist Ruddzula Lyborn Ravhura, who looks as if he is in his early 20s, said he had learnt how to play the guitar when he was studying at the University of KwaZulu/Natal in 2012. He said after graduating, he had come back to his village of Makonde, where he started teaching people to play the guitar. “I currently teach local kids how to play different musical instruments. Some of the kids are now very good and can form their own musical bands,” he said.

When asked why he was not starting his own band, he said he was a Christian who had dedicated his life to serving the mighty Lord. “I prefer to play for a church band and share my musical expertise with local kids and fellow Christians,” he said.

He is calling on all residents of Makonde and the surrounding villages to contact him if they want to learn to play the guitar and other instruments. He can be contacted at 081 706 5813.



Bass-guitar maestro Rodzula Lyborn Ravhura playing his bass guitar at Makonde on Sunday morning.








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