Disco star calls for sobriety as festive season approaches

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Veteran disco star David Ramagalela, famously known as Daiza Ramagalela, is making a triumphant return, two years after the release of his last album. His latest offering, the hot 10-track album titled “Dakalo”, was released in October and includes standout tracks such as the title track, “Dakalo”, and “Mabundu.”

What shaped Ramagalela’s musical journey was his close association with yesteryear’s disco legends, such as Vusi Shange, Pat Shange, Freddy Gwala, and Dan Tshanda, among others. His pure South African disco sound transports fans back to the disco era of the early ‘80s and ‘90s, a vibe that is making a strong comeback in today’s modern music scene. Over the years, he has gifted his fans with eight albums. “My music is topical and informative. I sing about life experiences, and when you listen to my music, you can actually learn a thing or two,” he expressed.

“Dakalo” was recorded at Madzelistomedia Studio in Mpumalanga, with the collaboration of seasoned musicians Wonder Masombuka and Edward Khoza. Within just a few weeks of its release, the album has garnered many new followers, suggesting that it may make a significant impact, especially during the festive season.

“There is a track on the album called ‘Mabundu’ (alcohol), which I added as a reminder of the sad consequences of alcohol abuse. With the festive season approaching and many companies closing for the holidays, people tend to turn to alcohol as a pastime. This often leads to dire consequences, including loss of lives and broken families. Please, drink responsibly,” he urged.

Ramagalela expressed concern that Tshivenda musicians are not taken seriously by promoters who, he claimed, often overlooked them and denied them the opportunity to showcase their talent at major music events. “We have many talented musicians here, but when there are festivals, only artists who sing in other languages get invited to perform. This should be reversed for the upliftment of the arts in this area,” he emphasised.



Disco sensation David Ramagalela, famously known as Daiza Ramagalela, has released his latest album, “Dakalo”. Photo supplied.


By: Elmon Tshikhudo

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