The newly installed traditional leader of Khakhanwa village, Chief Ntikeni Booi III (right), photographed with the ndumi, Mr Shandukani Tshinetise, whilethe  khadzi, Ms Fulufhelo Tshinetise is sitting in front of them during the ceremony.

Ntikeni Booi III is the new chief of Khakhanwa village


For almost 10 years the rural village of Khakhanwa near Dovheni and Vhulatatevehe in the Mulenzhe area was without a traditional leader.

Last Saturday, a new traditional leader, Chief Ntikeni Booi III (30), was installed as the new Chief of Khakhanwa. He succeeds his late father, Chief Ntikeni Booi II, who passed away in 2008.

During the installation ceremony, which was held at the chief’s kraal, Mr Shandukani Tshinetise was announced as ndumi, while Ms Fulufhelo Tshinetise is his khadzi.

The tshikona dance, which is danced when a new traditional leader is installed, was part of the proceedings during the ceremony.

Representing Thovhele Nkhaneni Ramovha, Khotsimunene Ntevheleni Ramovha conducted the installation ceremony. He urged the new leader to steer his village in the right direction, working with structures such as civic organizations and the Tshirovha Foundation, so that the villagers would be able to get better services.

“As new chief of the area, you are urged to take the full responsibility for communities under you and you must treat them with respect, because you are a chief because of the people under you.” Ramovha said the new traditional leader should always report all the challenges the communities were encountering through the regular meetings to be held in Mulenzhe’s kraal.



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Date:14 January 2018 - By: Silas Nduvheni

Silas Nduvheni



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