Excited kids from the local home-based care centre enjoy the snacks that the businesspeople came with.

Food parcels for Nesengani needy


Academic-cum-traditional leader, Prof Davhana Stanley Nesengani of Ha-Nesengani in the Vuwani area, has urged his subjects to protect businesses owned by Indians and live harmoniously with them as they are part of the community.

Nesengani was speaking during the handing over of food parcels to more than 140 indigent and disadvantaged families in his villages. The donation comes from Indian businesspeople under the umbrella of the Venda Muslim Jamaat, who identify a needy community monthly and hand over food to them. So far, the project has seen 15 villages with more than 1 500 households benefitting.

The groceries include a 25kg of maize meal and other basic stuff. The handover was attended by different structures in the community and with two non-profit organizations also benefitting.

Speaking during the event, Nesengani said that the leadership were doing all they could to make life better for all his subjects. "We have several projects that are running and an agricultural scheme to ensure that our people do not sleep hungry. Some of our subjects are being absorbed and get temporary employment, thus fending for their families.” He expressed appreciation for the generosity of the businesspeople.

Makhado Ward 22 councillor Mr Saddam Masutha thanked the Indian business community for their contribution to ease poverty in his ward. "These are our people, businesspeople who do not look only for profit but plough back into the community.”

Indian business community leader Mr Vaheed Patel said the donation was in line with the teachings of the Koran, which instructs that those who have must help those in need.


The leadership of Ha-Nesengani under Prof Stanley Nesengani, photographed with the other structures and beneficiaries during the handover of groceries.


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Date:10 March 2018 - By: Elmon Tshikhudo

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