Munzhedzi Mabirimisa.

Munzhedzi creates surrealistic special effects


When people first see the special effects created by Munzhedzi Mabirimisa, they find it difficult to distinguish the real from the unreal and the images created resemble scenes from hardcore thriller movies.

This resident of Tshirolwe in Nzhelele area is a specialist in a lesser known field, that of a special-effects make-up artist.

She has created images of violent men stabbing a woman in her bid to highlight and address issues such as women abuse. “It's not just special-effect make-up images, but creations which also address social issues,” she said. “I bring to life what most people normally see in movies and television. Most film-makers use special-effect make-up to create wounds and skin rashes.”

As a small girl growing up in a stony village, Munzhedzi had not dreamed that she would find herself pursuing a career in special-effect make-up one day. She attended Tshirolwe Primary School, Gondo Likhethwa Christian School and completed her Grade 12 at Progress Comprehensive School in 2013.

“In 2014, I went to Face to Face College in North West to study towards a qualification as a beauty specialist and beauty therapist,” she said. “While many candidates had registered for face beat, I chose to have a special focus on special-effect make-up.”

She stated that the course was quite difficult and challenging in a positive way. “In our class, we were seven, four whites and three blacks,” she said. “At the end of the day, I managed to finish a two-year diploma and obtain an international certificate in beauty therapy. I do not only do special-effect make-up; I can give beauty therapy to a whole bus of ladies and young girls.”

She is currently studying towards a management assistant qualification. “I think I am still young and I need to collect as many qualifications as possible to create more work opportunities for me,” she said.

She urged the youth to pursue their dreams. “When you need to succeed and survive, take risks,” she said. “For example, I did not go back to school because of fun or for whiling the time away. I am doing it for my future.”

She expressed gratitude to all the people who had encouraged and celebrated her talent so far. Those interested in Munzhedzi's work can contact her on 082 742 3622 or via Facebook.


Model: Award-winning author Khalirendwe Nekhavhambe lauds Munzhedzi Mabirimisa for her excellent work.

Munzhedzi Mabirimisa is a highly talented special-effect make-up beauty artist.

Munzhedzi Mabirimisa's special-effect make-up work.

Models: Munzhedzi Mabirimi also highlights issues such as women abuse in her work.

Munzhedzi Mabirimisa's special-effect make-up work.

Munzhedzi Mabirimisa's special-effect make-up shows a knife slicing through human flesh.

Munzhedzi Mabirimisa's special-effect make-up shows an amputated forefinger.

Munzhedzi Mabirimisa's special-effect make-up work.

Munzhedzi Mabirimisa is a highly talented special-effect make-up beauty artist.


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Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

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