Uncle Sol Mashimbye 8 months ago

Policing has since collapsed,criminals are doing as they please and community members are taking the law into their own hands,who can dispute this.it's a joke if it's written so and so a police spokesperson,which police is being referred to when there is no more such an institution.the so called police are always outsmart by community vigilantism,they will go after to rescue a suspect or collect a corpse,that's because who dare care and trust them.they are always driving cars and the only time you see them on foot is when they go to buy food but otherwise they are always confined to their wheels 24 hours.

But it is not all lost,all the stakeholders can still revive the trust and resuscitate the lost grounds and I believe it's urgent particularly the Waterval policing area,it will take men and women who care about their policing area to stand up and be counted,just a meeting to rebuild the trust between communities and the police and if the needy arises police management as well as personell be restructured.we can not afford to have a situation where communities resort to criminal acts and give excuses that they don't trust police anymore and police inter alia becomes ball boys,Lets work together to fight crime.