Learners and educators from Dzimauli High School in Folovhodwe were happy to receive study guides and sanitary towels from Vhahangwele Munyai (left) and Phathutshedzo Tshimange (right) of Mbeu Community Development.

Donations for rural schools


On Monday, Christmas came early for seven schools and two clinics in the Niani area after a local non-profit organization, Mbeu Community Development, showered them with study guides and more than 1 000 sanitary towels.

The chairperson and founder of the organization, Vhahangwele Munyai, said youths from Folovhodwe came together to form their structure in 2015. “Taking into consideration that we are situated deep in the Niani area, we decided to come up with something that will empower our youth academically. Young people are our future leaders and as such, they need support to be able to realize their educational potential. We were so happy to note that there is so much interest from the youth and it gave us more courage to beef up this initiative. We then started with career-guidance sessions, back-to-school campaigns and fun-walk activities in 2015 to raise funds to assist the youth. With the funds raised and the donations, we were able to buy study guides and sanitary towels.”

The schools that benefited include Tshipinda Primary, Folovhodwe Primary, Dzimauli Secondary, Muswodi Tshisimani Primary, Ratshibvumo Secondary, Malinge Primary and Malilele Secondary. “We also distributed sanitary towels to Folovhodwe and Shakadza clinics. This is to make sure that those who do not go to school or cannot afford to buy the pads should be able to access them at public health institutions. We are also going to do a donation to Doreen Farm School very soon. In terms of study guides, we gave Dzimauli and Ratshibvumo High Schools 12 each after consultation with the educators, who gave us the subjects and proposed authors.”

She said her organization had big plans for the future, which included distributing school uniforms and shoes. “We are currently housed in a local community hall and we need an office of our own. We also want to buy more books, calculators, shoes and school uniforms to be distributed to the youth. We will appreciate any assistance, so that we can easily realize our dreams of assisting the local youth.”

Those who want to assist or know more about Mbeu Community Development can contact Munyai on 072 795 6337. They can also call the organization’s academic officer, Talifhani Nefolovhodwe at 079 976 2336.




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