Concerned parents inspecting the school yard area that has been demarcated for residential puposes. Parents have vowed they will not allow this to happen at their school.

Hands off our school yard - Maungani parents.


The land question has become a burning issue among citizens of the country and it has now spilled over to rural areas with several traditional leaders being in the spotlight for the manner in which they dispose of land.

It is said that in some areas traditional leaders have now run out of land for residential sites and, enticed by the high prices being paid for such land, they have resorted to resell already purchased sites.

According to residents, there are examples where one site has been sold to five different owners.

A traditional leader at Maungani outside Thohoyandou is alleged to have sold sites right in the yard of one of the secondary schools.

Information at Limpopo Mirror's disposal is that the traditional leader resold a site belonging to a certain woman and to compensate her for her loss, she was given sites in the yard of Tshivhidzo Masiagwala Secondary School.

Last Friday parents held a meeting at the school, where they vowed not to allow the demarcation of new sites to continue. The chairperson of the SGB, Mr David Mphigalale, said that their members learnt about the invasion at the school last Tuesday and rushed there to find a man busy clearing the bushes at the school yard. The man told them he was hired by a certain woman to clean the area as she has bought the site.

SGB members subsequently told him to stop and confiscated the tools he was using to clear the bushes. They told him to come back with the owner, but the man did not do that. Mphigalale further indicated that the woman in question has not come forward to claim her tools, but said they knew the identity of the woman.

“We are very concerned to see that part of our school yard is being grabbed and all this is because of greed by certain individuals. The empty spaces here at the yard are reserved for other purposes,” he said. Mphigalale said that they still need a library and other facilities. “If this land is taken away, the future of our youths would be doomed,” he said. “As parents we say hands off our school and we will not allow anybody to invade this place.” He warned that the SGB would take the matter further if anyone continues taking the land.

Just before going to press, Mphigalale called this paper saying that they are at a meeting at the local traditional leader’s palace and that the story should be withdrawn as everything had been sorted out. He could not explain as to how they solved the problem.

Another woman, who introduced herself as the secretary of the royal council, instructed the paper to withdraw the story, as they have reached an amicable solution to the problem, but she too could not elaborate on the solution.



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Date:11 June 2018 - By: Elmon Tshikhudo

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