Mr Ailwei Mutele.

Traffic officials on alert during festive season


Overloading, speeding, drunken driving and unroadworthy vehicles will be at the top of the agenda during this festive season. This is the warning from Musina Traffic Manager Mr Ailwei Mutele.

He was speaking during the launch of the Musina road safety festive season campaign last week.

Mutele said his traffic officers would have no mercy for any driver or pedestrian who did not observe the rules of the road. “Our wish is to have zero accidents this festive season. No person deserves to lose a life on our roads. We can only achieve this if we have the support from the community structures, the public and our partners. We therefore plead for cooperation, so that we can save more lives during this festive season.”

Mutele said it was painful to recall that seven lives had already been lost during a fatal accident at Musina. “Our hearts are still bleeding about the taxi that hit the bus and killed seven people last month on the N1 next to the China Mall here in Musina. That was a horrific accident that we hope will never happen again in this area.”

He said that, despite a lack of resources and manpower, his team would do its best to bring the perpetrators to book. “Many people are injured due to accidents that can be avoided. Some even lose their lives because of minor mistakes that drivers can avoid. We understand that we have few traffic officers and a shortage of working tools. This will never stand in our way to execute the law.”

He advised road users to observe the rules of the road at all times. “We don’t enjoy issuing fines or arresting people. We will be forced to do it if we are not receiving cooperation from road users. We wish for full cooperation from the road users, not only during this festive season, but this should be a trend for all on a daily basis.”




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