Benson Mpete 3 months ago

Dr. Nthambeleni must start by checking his staff component and develop plans from there. He must ask himself key questions focusing on the whole of South Africa and her dire need to develop. The fundamental issue at hand is whether the country and its institutions are geared towards developing the country and its citizens? The answer is a big NO. While Dr. Nthambeleni maybe of the same mind of the other Vice Chancellors in other Universities in SA of getting too excited and try to recruit whoever from whatever continent and whichever country and think that he will achieve excellence, I wish to caution that this unpatriotic and derogatory behavior is unsustainable because it kills our own few professionals and academia who must be prioritised. If our own universities do not prioritise them, who will prioritise them? We may have few of our academic professionals in on other countries But how many? They will not excel and participate at a global and continental levels if we do not give them a chance. I am afraid the nGAP program by Higher Education is not working. Everybody is flocking here some with fake PhDs and they are flooding our institutions to such an extent that even our Government Department have employed quite a number of them even in senior and strategic positions where we expect only our own who will be a little patriotic in certain decisions they take. The key question is Where will our youth get employment in the near future (5-10 years to come) and beyond? It is very sad indeed. Dr. Nthambeleni; i am counting on you to do the right thing and change the dire situation at UNIVEN created by your predecessors which is turning that institution into a circus.